Regulatory Framework

Regulate and control!

The achievement and maintenance of a high level of safety in the siting, design, construction, commissioning, operation and decommissioning of nuclear facilities, and in the shut-down of waste disposal facilities requires a sound legal and governmental infrastructure including a regulatory body with clearly defined responsibilities and functions. The process of regulating a nuclear facility entails the preparation of a large amount of documents, both by the operator of the facility and by the regulatory body.

For efficient work of regulatory body and production of regulations and guides, a systematic approach should be adopted. The goal of regulations is to establish the requirements for safe and efficient development of nuclear power program with which all organizations involved must comply.

Regulatory bodies have three basic functions:

- to develop and enact appropriate, comprehensive and clear regulations;

- in the event of a deviation from licensing conditions, malpractice or wrongdoing by persons or organizations involved in the nuclear power program, to enforce the regulations by imposing the appropriate corrective and remedial measures.

Also, it is of utmost importance to take into consideration comments from interested parties and their feedback during regulations and guides development.

Usually, the regulatory body, as designated by the government, is charged with the implementation of policies by means of a regulatory program and a strategy set forth in its regulations or in national standards. Nevertheless, the regulatory body shall maintain its independence from the government departments and agencies as its regulatory decisions can be made and enforce actions taken without pressure from interests that may conflict with safety.

The credibility of the regulatory body in the eyes of the general public – whose health and safety is the regulatory body’s responsibility to protect – depends in the most part upon whether the regulatory body is considered to be independent in its decision making.

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