Radiation Protection

Prevent and mitigate!

Development of “Radiation protection” area of nuclear infrastructure means establishment of the arrangements and mechanisms required for the protection of people against exposure to ionizing radiation or radioactive materials and the safety of radiation sources, prevention of possible accidents and means for mitigating the consequences.

The prime responsibility for safety and protection against exposure to radiation rests upon organization responsible for the nuclear facility. However, all the persons and organizations bear responsibility for safety within their activities. To ensure that all the activities comply with safety requirements governmental, legal and regulatory framework should be established.

The Government should also ensure that the funds for education and training, and technical services in the field of safety are distributed, effective leadership and management system is established in all the organizations involved. The regulatory body should provide the necessary regulatory procedures, established requirements and guidelines for safety, the inspection of nuclear facilities and other regulatory provisions.

It is of high importance that there are established mechanisms and instruments for protection from planned exposure situations and preventive actions in emergency exposure situations. The key means of controlling exposure in planned exposure situations is by development of appropriate design of facilities, equipment and operating procedures, and by personnel training for safety requirements to be a priority.

Thus, the State must make all practical efforts in order to prevent or mitigate radiological accidents by establishing:

- radiation safety legislation including regulations;

- the authorized bodies in the field of radiation safety;

- procedures and tools to estimate and forecast the radiation situation;

- complex of technical, medical and sanitary, administrative and organizational measures for radiation safety provision including for planned exposure situation.

- arrangements for emergency preparedness and response for radiological incidents including for emergency exposure situation.

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