Comply with safety requirements!

Nuclear technology can provide significant benefits in a variety of fields, but also it can pose risks to the health and safety of people and the environment. As such, we need to ensure that these risks are carefully managed and regulated.

The “procurement” infrastructure area deals with the items necessary to enable the owner-operator to purchase goods and services for the operating facility.

It is an essential function for the construction, fueling and operation of a nuclear facility since it transforms the facility’s intended design into a physical product in the form of actual systems, structures, and components. Proper procurement contributes to safe and reliable operation of the nuclear facility.

Nuclear operators have the ultimate responsibility to ensure the safety of their facilities. As part of exercising this responsibility, they must ensure that items procured for safety and security related systems meet their design requirements and that service providers do not affect plant safety. Careful oversight over the procurement process and the facility’s supply chain participants is an important part of this.

To ensure reliable and safe operation of the nuclear facility a country needs to ensure that items procured for safety related systems meet their original design requirements. For that, national laws and regulations regarding procurement process, codes, standards, quality programs should be developed that would comprehensively establish the conditions for the companies to meet in order to become a supplier.

The supply chain organization, in its turn, should implement management system for safety, develop procurement policies that would show an organization’s commitment to the safety of its workers, the public and supply chain participants, and meet (and often to exceed) applicable national laws, regulatory requirements and international standards.

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