Nuclear security

Nuclear security infrastructure is a fundamental prerequisite for any State embarking on a nuclear power program.

It is within States responsibility to ensure that nuclear materials will not be used for criminal or unauthorized purposes, to prevent, detect and respond to acts of sabotage against nuclear facilities and any associated activities. That interest is shared not only by States embarking on or enhancing nuclear power program, but amongst all States globally. Therefore, the State must develop or strengthen existing instruments on nuclear security, as it is essential in the management of nuclear technologies and nuclear materials.

States policy shall recognize and reflect nuclear security importance, moreover, State must develop the nuclear security policy and strategy, that should:

- be based on national security policy;

- specify the State's international undertakings with regard to nuclear security;

- specify the key arrangements and measures for building a comprehensive nuclear security infrastructure;

- specify authorities and responsibilities for the national bodies within the nuclear security infrastructure and etc.

All the listed above should be developed at the earliest stage of nuclear power program.

With the aim of achieving the objective of nuclear security, States should establish an effective and appropriate nuclear security regime that would define measures for prevention, detection and respond to any nuclear security events.

The other important measure for nuclear security development is establishing a nuclear security culture in all the organizations involved in the implementation of the nuclear power program.

As nuclear security is a global issue and vital for international community, a newcomer state shall take into consideration all the good practices developed by other countries with developed nuclear power program. In addition, development of relationships with international institutions, such as IAEA, is a key prerequisite for establishment of a comprehensive nuclear safety system.

A rapid development of the world makes States regularly implement innovations and new technologies not to fall behind. This is also relevant to nuclear security systems - States sould foresee measures for continuous improvement and update. The key measures therefore are knowledge management, capacity building, including development of the necessary training infrastructure.

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