National Position

What is your National Position?

Launching a nuclear power program is a major undertaking for a country and, at the same time, is a way forward, step-ahead towards a solution for countries' development. Safe and efficient NPP program deployment requires a well-defined and clear National Position.

National Position is founded on a plethora of considerations as energy analysis and planning, prefeasibility study, potential role of nuclear power in accomplishing socioeconomic developmental goals, national priorities such as energy security and pollution mitigation.Most importantly, taking into account all those considerations, a National Position provides a credible answer to the issue of choosing nuclear power.Throughout the process of establishing a National Position States are to consider these issues as well as the infrastructure required in order to safely, securely and sustainably proceed with nuclear power development.

Establishing a National Position provides foundation for a future deployment of the nuclear power program. A well-developed National Position provides a country with various opportunities, such as:

- NPP development based on safety requirements

- long-term socioeconomic development

- workforce development

- scientific and industrial development

- access to innovative technologies and etc.

Nevertheless, the question is how to establish a National Position that would show readiness to a long-term commitment and lead to effective implementation of the intended objectives?

While developing a National Position on a new nuclear power program it is important for the government to consult with State’s energy organizations, nuclear institutes and public utilities, as well as with other stakeholders. A state should be prepared for the questions on nuclear and radiation safety, funding, environmental aspects, nuclear waste management and other key questions concerning the development of a nuclear power program, and be able to communicate that information in a clear and transparent manner.

After adopting a clear statement to deploy nuclear energy that reflects broad political support – acknowledging the priority of nuclear safety – the Government formulates the National Strategy of nuclear development as a bedrock of sustainable national development. National Position is a result of establishing a National Strategy and committing to develop a nuclear power program in accordance with safety and sustainability principles.

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