Plan, co-ordinate and manage!

The introduction of nuclear energy into a country is accompanied by the need to build highly competent and effective management in order to ensure safe, secure and efficient nuclear power program.

Management means building a management system, a strong leadership and organizational structure in all the organizations involved in the nuclear power program.

A management system is a set of interrelated elements and arrangements, such as structure, resources, processes, designed to establish policies and achieve them efficiently.

Management requires strong leadership in order to convey a common vision on the development of the nuclear power program mission, which entails a high value on nuclear safety, security and non-proliferation.

Personnel involved in nuclear power program must share a common understanding of its goals and mission. It will be up to these leaders to establish the right environment - often described as an organizational culture. Leadership must ensure that their organizations clearly understand that safety is a great value and the values and beliefs are shared in the entire organization.

What may contribute to building an effective management system?

While establishing effective management one need to consider:

- human factor and the whole correlation between technologies and organizational structures;

- the requirements raising from the other nuclear infrastructure areas, including regulation of nuclear safety;

- nuclear physical protection, security, health, quality, economic, environmental, non-proliferation and many other issues.

Effective management involves well-defined strategic vision, mission and goals, openness, inclusiveness of all the stakeholders, effective staff selection and training, comprehensive, well-planned process, clear responsibilities and accountability, coordinating the organizations involved in the nuclear power program.

Taking into account all these considerations will contribute to effective and economical operation of the nuclear facility and enable safely deployment of the nuclear power program.

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