Legal Framework

Enact and regulate!

Development of a nuclear power program should have an adequate legal basis that would establish conditions for efficient development of all the nuclear infrastructure areas in line with safety requirements.

By announcing a decision to embark on a nuclear power program the state must show its full commitment to the nuclear safety. It should also adhere to the international instruments on nuclear safety, such as additional protocol to Agreement with the IAEA on application of guarantees in connection with the Treaty on Non-Proliferation, International Convention on suppression of acts of nuclear terrorism, the Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management, etc.

In developing the legal framework the State should:

- analyze the existing nuclear and general law and regulatory framework with respect to its applicability to development of nuclear power program and in case of making necessary amendments. Otherwise, the whole project may be undermined or bear heavy expenses afterwards;

- carry out an open discussion of the initiatives on developing legal regulation of using nuclear energy;

- allocate the required financing for legislation development.

Legal framework constitutes comprehensive basis for the development of a nuclear power program and should regulate nuclear safety and security, management of nuclear materials and radioactive materials including transportation, emergency preparedness, civil liability for nuclear damage, insurance and etc.

By developing such a legal basis the State would create essential conditions for the activities within the nuclear power program, provide safety and security of nuclear energy use, fulfill international commitments and generally accepted international standards of activities in the field of nuclear energy use.

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