Industrial Involvement

Create stable conditions for economic growth and successful development!

The construction, operation and maintenance of safe and efficient NPP requires goods and services to comply with the safety requirements, standards and codes. When developing the nuclear power program the State should consider the industrial involvement from the early beginning. The Government should bear in mind that foreseeing industrial involvement increase is a major key to the successful NPP project. Industrial involvement is vital to meet the quality of industrial capacity necessary for a nuclear power program.

To achieve the desired level of the industrial involvement that would efficiently contribute to safe realization of the nuclear facility project a number of actions is required from the State, including:

- development of a national policy for industrial capacity required for participation in the nuclear power program and establishment of the necessary general infrastructural framework;

- development of capacity building programs to learn about the nuclear technologies for power production and non-power applications, establishment of human resource development infrastructure,

- development of a legal framework that establishes regulations, codes and standards, licensing, quality assurance and enforcement processes.

- establishment of the necessary level of national industries capabilities to support safe and efficient development of the nuclear power project, and subsequently to ensure that the nuclear facility complies with appropriate international standards;

- foreseeing partnerships that would extend local involvement.

Thus, in developing the “Industrial involvement” area of nuclear infrastructure the State seeks to create stable conditions for the implementation of the national nuclear power program, improve efficiency of using financial resources, enhance national organizations' capacity, develop regional economic growth and create favorable socio-economic conditions for the population.

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