Funding and financing

Mobilize and invest!

Nuclear power program is a major undertaking that requires careful planning, preparation, timely financial investment, and human resources.

By deciding to launch a nuclear power program, the State should understand that this requires establishing a comprehensive nuclear infrastructure that will provide the necessary political, legal, regulatory, technological, personnel and industrial maintenance of nuclear power program at all stages of its life cycle.

Implementation of such infrastructure requires a substantial financial investment for the entire life cycle.

The Government should place special emphasis on financial planning of the project and consider development of financing schemes, as well as selection of financing sources of the nuclear power program at all stages of the project’s life cycle, development of a program for cooperation with international organizations in the field of nuclear energy.

Financing NPP construction projects performed under various schemes: payment by customer, government lending and participation in joint stock capital.

Financial schemes must include an efficient sharing of costs, rights and responsibilities among the responsible parties. It should also include efficient risk allocation and proper assurances of loan repayment as well as returns on capital.

Governments should create all the necessary conditions for attracting investors and financial sponsors, as well as risk reduction for them. For instance, political risks is a major concern for investors in developing countries, and establishing an efficient and comprehensive legislative as well as regulatory framework would show the prospects for political stability.

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