Environmental Protection

Protect the environment!

By deciding to embark on a nuclear power program, a State undertakes an obligation to deploy it in an environmentally sound manner.

One of the intrinsic features of that area of nuclear infrastructure is that participation of the interested parties throughout the activities in environment protection is vital for the project implementation. The State must develop a comprehensive and transparent structure of environment protection that would substantiate the Government’s seriousness regarding safe development of nuclear power program.

In order to hold to its undertakings, a State considers a plethora of environmental issues before deployment of a nuclear power program so that the decision to favor nuclear energy is well-thought-out. Those issues include:

- legislation in the field of environmental protection;

- analysis of the necessary capabilities for the environment protection, suitability of the existing framework and organizational structure;

- procedures and instruments of environmental protection, etc.

One of the most essential activities within environment protection is development of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) process. EIA process is aimed at identification and assessment of all the environmental and socioeconomic impacts that nuclear power program have. That process gives the Government the possibility to justify their decision on nuclear facility construction before the community.

Also, it represents a holistic description of the project’s environmental consequences to decision makers and increases the transparency of the nuclear development process. Among other procedures to be developed within environment protection are strategic environmental assessment (SEA), environmental monitoring. The SEA is performed on the earliest stage and is required for decision-making on the environmental feasibility of a project. The environmental monitoring program is compiled based on EIA report and is developed to provide for the requirements for maintaining environmental protection, including monitoring, reporting and mitigation measures.

Therefore, the main functions of that nuclear infrastructure area is to justify the environmental feasibility of the projects, establish the environmental protection requirements in the field of the nuclear energy use and protect the community and environment from radiological and non-radiological hazards.

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