Electrical Grid

Develop, modify and connect!

The safe and economically efficient operation of a nuclear power plant (NPP) requires the NPP to be connected to an electrical grid system, which should have adequate capacity for exporting the power from the plant, and also for providing a reliable electricity supply to the NPP for its safe commissioning, operation and shutdown.

Both newcomer countries and countries with well-established nuclear infrastructure may require to overhaul and strengthen the grid system to connect a new NPP thereto. There may be necessity to add requirements to the electrical grid system, its control and maintenance mechanisms for ensuring adequate reliability.

To be compatible with each other, the necessary characteristics of the grid system and of the plant should be developed by the organization responsible for the NPPб and the organization responsible for the grid system long before the NPP is built. In addition, the responsible organizations shall come to an agreement regarding the necessary modifications to the grid system and the financial sources for that.

For a newcomer country the introduction and development of nuclear power is a major undertaking. To construct and safely operate an NPP the country needs to:

- build physical infrastructure

- develop human resources.

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