On addressing operational safety issues and OSART missions 26.08.2020

On addressing operational safety issues and OSART missions

On addressing operational safety issues and OSART missions

Today, within regular meetings of the Nuclear Infrastructure Club, we continued learning about missions and services of the IAEA, and this time our online seminar was dedicated to one of the key issues that country faces when implementing the nuclear power program, that is ensuring operational safety at nuclear power plants. To assess the current level of operational safety and disseminate best practices, the IAEA conducts OSART missions, and before the fuel delivery it conducts Pre-Operational OSART missions.

The lecture was presented by Andrey Yuzhakov, Deputy Director of VNIIAES-NTP, Director of the NPP operation and construction experience Department. Mr. Yuzhakov participated in OSART missions and also is an international IAEA expert on management systems, training and knowledge management. During the lecture, practical aspects of preparing and conducting a mission, methods of conducting missions and compiling a report, as well as factors that affect the assessment of the operational safety management were considered. It is important to note that OSART missions highlight not only problem areas, but also record good practices that are later recommended for use at other stations.

The lecturer shared the examples from his own experience of participating in OSART missions and noted the key role of a developed safety culture among NPP employees, the importance self-assessment of compliance with the IAEA safety standards prior to missions, the developed integrated management system and training system, as well as other aspects that are essential to meet high level of operational safety.

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