An international conference dedicated to the world's first nuclear power plant was held in Obninsk 27.06.2019

An international conference dedicated to the world's first nuclear power plant was held in Obninsk

An international conference "Capacity Building for Nuclear Industry: Education, Research, Safety" was held in Obninsk on June 26-27. The conference is a part of the celebrations dedicated to the memorable date – the 65th anniversary of the launch of the world's first nuclear power plant.

More than 20 countries participated in the conference including Russia, Egypt, Bolivia, India, Uzbekistan, Nigeria, Sudan, Bangladesh and others, as well as members of the scientific and expert community and international organizations.

The plenary session was devoted to current trends in the nuclear industry and the role of education in sustainable development, including how to develop country plans and potential of new nuclear power programs, the role of education and science in the global nuclear industry, how to support innovative development through training and other issues.

The speakers of the session were the representatives of the State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom”, International Nuclear University, Nuclear Energy Agency of the OECD, JSC “Concern Rosenergoatom”, JSC "Rusatom Service", Technical Academy of Rosatom, Moscow State University.

Deputy Director General for nuclear infrastructure of JSC “Rusatom Service” Yulia Chernyakhovskaya took part in the session with the presentation entitled “Development of nuclear infrastructure and capacity building in countries embarking on a nuclear power programme”. In the framework of the report, Yulia explained why it is important to support a partner country in the development of nuclear infrastructure personnel, approach the training of stakeholders systematically and take into account the principles of ISO in the development of nuclear infrastructure.

“The goal of the nuclear infrastructure development in a country is to achieve the necessary conditions for the safe and efficient implementation of the national nuclear power program. The development of nuclear infrastructure personnel at the earliest stages of the program contributes to the achievement of this goal and the country’s compliance with the obligations of international conventions, IAEA recommendations and requirements and the best practices of the world community”, Yulia said.

As a result of the conference, all participants were once again convinced that education plays an essential role in ensuring safe and effective use of nuclear technologies and the sustainable development of countries, implementing or embarking on the implementation of their national nuclear power programs.

Nuclear infrastructure is a set of 19 issues and conditions that provide institutional, state, institutional, political, legislative, managerial, organizational and administrative, regulatory and supervisory, scientific and technical, financial, personnel, industrial, social and public support to ensure safe and effective implementation of a national nuclear energy program (NEP) its entire life cycle and also ensure a high level of nuclear safety in accordance with the standards of the IAEA.


Rusatom Service JSC is a member of the "Electric Power" division of The Rosatom State Corporation. The company provides full range of services and supplies required for maintenance and repair for the foreign nuclear power plants that operate VVER-type reactors. Now, the company has been present on the market in almost every country with existing NPP VVER power units outside Russia. Rusatom Service JSC provides training for all categories of personnel for all Rosatom State Corporation foreign projects.

The Rusatom Service holds leading positions in the markets of China, Bulgaria and Armenia and acts as a general contractor of works for lifetime extension, implementation of scheduled preventive maintenance and upgrading the equipment at VVER nuclear power plants.

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