JSC “Rusatom Service” Participated in the IAEA Group Scientific Visit 06.06.2019

JSC “Rusatom Service” Participated in the IAEA Group Scientific Visit

Within the period from 3 to 7 June 2019 took place the IAEA group scientific visit at the St.Petersburg branch of “Rosatom Technical Academy” on the topic of Industrial Involvement and Procurement for new and expanding nuclear power programs in the nuclear industry. The organizer of the training in the framework of the extrabudgetary contribution of the Russian Federation to the implementation of the IAEA technical cooperation projects in the development of nuclear infrastructure of nuclear newcomer countries is the project office “Training of Nuclear Infrastructure Personnel” of the “Technical Academy of Rosatom”.

Thanks to the visit’s eventful program, representatives of the nuclear newcomer countries obtained theoretical and practical knowledge on the issues of the industry participation and procurement in the implementation of nuclear power programs and NPP construction project. Representatives of the IAEA, the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom, JSC “Rusatom Overseas”, “Technical Academy Rosatom Tech”, JSC “Atomkomplekt”, JSC “CEPD” and JSC “Rusatom Service”, took an active part in the event.
In the course of the Scientific visit, the IAEA representative Satoru Yasuraoka presented reports on the development of capacities of local industries, establishment of the Industrial Involvement Policy, the supply-chain management for the timely implementation of a nuclear power program, a nuclear power plant design project, and equipment quality assurance. School participants from Ghana, Indonesia, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Nigeria and Uzbekistan made presentations on the development of these areas in their countries.
From JSC “Rusatom Service” the event was attended by the Head of the Expert Department on Nuclear Infrastructure Vera Tolcheeva. In her report “Vendor’s support in NI development. Procurement and Industrial Involvement” Vera underlined the importance of integrated development of nuclear infrastructure in accordance with the main stages of the NPP construction project. In her lecture, she also spoke about the development features of the nuclear infrastructure elements “Procurement” and “Sectoral participation” and how important it is to involve national ministries, departments and organizations in this process.
The speaker paid particular attention to how it is possible to create national schedules for the development of nuclear infrastructure and increase staff competences using the IAEA phase approach, the IAEA project competence schedule (IAEA the Competency Framework).
“The main goal of organizing the procurement procedure in the nuclear field is to respect the safety priority, to ensure the construction of nuclear power plants in accordance with the requirements of the project. For these purposes, improving the competencies of industry leaders and project stakeholders is the key”.

Nuclear infrastructure is a set of 19 issues and conditions that provide institutional, state, institutional, political, legislative, managerial, organizational and administrative, regulatory and supervisory, scientific and technical, financial, personnel, industrial, social and public support to ensure safe and effective implementation of a national nuclear energy program (NEP) its entire life cycle and also ensure a high level of nuclear safety in accordance with the standards of the IAEA.


Rusatom Service JSC is a member of the "Electric Power" division of The Rosatom State Corporation. The company provides full range of services and supplies required for maintenance and repair for the foreign nuclear power plants that operate VVER-type reactors. Now, the company has been present on the market in almost every country with existing NPP VVER power units outside Russia. Rusatom Service JSC provides training for all categories of personnel for all Rosatom State Corporation foreign projects.
The Rusatom Service holds leading positions in the markets of China, Bulgaria and Armenia and acts as a general contractor of works for lifetime extension, implementation of scheduled preventive maintenance and upgrading the equipment at VVER nuclear power plants.

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