“Rusatom Service” JSC participated in Russia-IAEA Nuclear Energy Management School for Managers in Nuclear Organizations on the sidelines of ATOMEXPO 2019 15.04.2019

“Rusatom Service” JSC participated in Russia-IAEA Nuclear Energy Management School for Managers in Nuclear Organizations on the sidelines of ATOMEXPO 2019

Within the period from 15 to 19 April 2019 in Sochi on the sidelines of the XI International forum “ATOMEXPO 2019” took place the second Russia – IAEA Nuclear Energy Management School for Managers in Nuclear Organizations. 

39 representatives from the Nuclear Organizations of 18 IAEA Member States attended the School. 

The School was organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency in cooperation with Rosatom Technical Academy and “Rusatom Service” JSC with objective to support participants in obtaining and enhancing their managerial and technical competences that are essential development of national nuclear energy programmes.

Within the Agenda of the School Dr. Yulia Chernyakhovskaya (Deputy director of competences development of nuclear infrastructure Rusatom Service JSC, Associate-professor of Faculty of business-informatics and complex systems management Nuclear research national university MEPhI) delivered a lecture on stakeholders’ involvement with a focus on practical insights through process approach. During the lecture, Dr. Chernyakhovskaya enlightened the questions who is considered as a stakeholder and how to manage their involvement throughout a nuclear facility life cycle linked to indicated schedule of a licensing process. 

The lecture was proceeded with the business simulation “International NPP sales negotiations. Risk sharing and search for balance of interests”, whereby the School participants were able to conduct negotiations on implementation of a nuclear power plant construction project representing one of a given stakeholder role in the project (Vendor, League for Nature Protection, Trade unions, Other power plants, Economic Development Agency, Governor).

By virtue of the business simulation, the participants further elaborated stakeholder’s involvement and management tools in practice and captured the essence of negotiation tools for achievement of an agreement considering imperatives for safety and responsibility.

According to Head of Knowledge Management in the Department of Nuclear Energy at the IAEA Mr. David Drury business simulation is a beneficial addition to the lectures:

“In addition to a range of topical nuclear subjects taught during the week, the school also included practical role play activities associated with stakeholder involvement and negotiating in a nuclear environment. These were very lively sessions and a great experience for the students to engage in. For many this was their first real life experience of dealing with these challenges and a great addition to the school curriculum. Something we will look to include in our future schools!”

"The business simulation provided me with an opportunity to consolidate learning through practical application. Thanks to the negotiations we practically gained an insight on the role of various stakeholders in a nuclear facility construction project and how stakeholder’s involvement is managed” – said School participant, Director Legal Services/Company Secretary of ZAMATOM Mrs. Natasha B. Museba (Republic of Zambia).

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