Monday 14 May, 13:30-15:30 - Round Table Session on Nuclear Infrastructure 16.04.2018

Monday 14 May, 13:30-15:30 - Round Table Session on Nuclear Infrastructure

The Round Table Session is conducted in Sochi, Russian Federation. It will focus on the topical and major issues in the development of the Nuclear Infrastructure in the countries embarking on and expanding nuclear power programme with the expertized international community as a driver for global collaboration enhancement.

Global partnership is a key to building efficient dialogue between stakeholders in megaprojects execution, national nuclear power programmes development, competences development for newcomers and countries expanding their nuclear power programme by virtue of exchange of the best practices and experience between recipient countries of nuclear technologies, vendors, national regulators, operators in development of nuclear power programme.

The session will look at the following topics:

- What the best practice in nuclear infrastructure development exist within international atomic community and what challenges do the newcomers and countries expanding nuclear power programme face today?

- What competences are essential for development both in newcomer countries and in experienced countries in new technologies deployment (CNST, research reactor, radiation technologies and others) and how global partnership contributes to their efficient development and maintenance?

- How significant is of country-recipients’ nuclear infrastructure development for the vendor of nuclear technologies as for mitigation of risks for export projects?

To register on the ATOMEXPO web-site, following that link, in order to be able to receive your entry-pass.

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