Rusatom Service JSC develops cooperation with foreign students from MEPhI 05.02.2021

Rusatom Service JSC develops cooperation with foreign students from MEPhI

On February 5, 2021, an introductory meeting was held with foreign students studying nuclear specialties at the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI and also participating in the Rusatom Service scholarship program.
The meeting was started with the speech of the program curator from Rusatom Service JSC, Deputy General Director for Nuclear Infrastructure, Associate Professor of the MEPhI Department of Economics and Management in Industry, Ph.D. Yulia Chernyakhovskaya:
“The program on cooperation with MEPhI students began in 2018 and initially designed to stimulate educational, research activities, expand communication channels in partner countries of ROSATOM, develop cooperation and assistance to partner countries in training personnel for the nuclear industry.”
Rusatom Service JSC, as an integrator of services for the nuclear infrastructure development, provides students with a wide range of opportunities to get involved in the industry activities, get acquainted with the best industry practices and the specifics of nuclear infrastructure activities. According to students, the acquired knowledge and competencies will help them within the employment process in industry organizations in homelands. Students try themselves as ambassadors of nuclear infrastructure, conduct analytical research, and participate in international projects on nuclear infrastructure. Following the words of Mr. A.E. Likhachev, we create all the conditions for the implementation of the 18th Sustainable Development Goal called "Human", create opportunities in our activities for the disclosure of human potential and the formation of a human-centered, talent-centered system for personnel training.
The involvement of foreign students will also solve other equally important tasks – promotion of Russian nuclear education among future specialists, raise awareness of the nuclear infrastructure specifics and its development importance for achieving the sustainable development goals, and developing personnel for the nuclear industry of partner countries.
The program has already demonstrated itself as a successful project for integrating students into the industry - over 3 years of implementation, 22 foreign students from Bolivia, Bangladesh, Egypt, Turkey, Uzbekistan have taken part in the program. More than half of them participate in the program by this day.
The Rusatom Service team hopes that the number of ambitious, promising, young people willing to significantly contribute to the development of the nuclear infrastructure will continue growing!

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JSC Rusatom Service is part of the electric power division of the Rosatom State Corporation. The company provides a full range of services and supplies to foreign nuclear power plants with VVER required for operation and repair. The company is present in almost all countries with operating nuclear power plants with VVER outside of Russia.

In the markets of China, Bulgaria, and Armenia, Rustom Service JSC occupies a leading position, being the General contractor for extending the service life, performing scheduled preventive repairs, and upgrading the equipment of the VVER NPP.

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