Rusatom Service JSC participates in the Latin American Section of the American Nuclear Society (LAS/ANS) 13.01.2021

Rusatom Service JSC participates in the Latin American Section of the American Nuclear Society (LAS/ANS)

Specialists of Rusatom Service JSC took part in the symposium of the Latin American Section of the American Nuclear Society (LAS ANS), which was dedicated to Preservation and Management of Nuclear Technology Knowledge in Latin America. The main goal of the symposium is to promote the development of nuclear science and technology and their application for peaceful purposes, to promote nuclear education and development of scientific and technical potential of the region.

For more than 45 years of its existence, LAS ANS has taken a leading position in the region, acting as a platform for the integration of Latin American countries and promotion of their interests in the glogal nuclear community. The event was attended by representatives of operating, scientific and educational organizations from Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, USA, France, Spain, as well as representatives of the IAEA. On behalf of Rusatom Service JSC, an expert of the Expert Department for Nuclear Infrastructure Daria Semenova participated in the event.

The panel session was focused on the issues of human resource development and nuclear knowledge management system. During the session, Daria presented a report on the potential support of the technology supplier country in preservation and development of nuclear knowledge management system, emphasizing the importance of training and capacity building for specialists and preserving key knowledge in all organizations involved in the development of a nuclear energy program. “As part of work on nuclear infrastructure, Rusatom Service provides assistance in human resource assessment in key organizations of the nuclear industry and proposes steps to build competencies and strengthen nuclear knowledge system in the partner country,” noted Daria Semenova.

At the end of the session, the participants were convinced that preservation and management of nuclear knowledge requires a comprehensive solution, ensuring the participation of all nuclear infrastructure organizations involved in the development of the country's nuclear energy program.

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JSC RusAtom Service is part of the electric power division of the Rosatom State Corporation. The company provides a full range of services and supplies to foreign nuclear power plants with VVER required for operation and repair. The company is present in almost all countries with operating nuclear power plants with VVER outside of Russia.

In the markets of China, Bulgaria, and Armenia, Rustom Service JSC occupies a leading position, being the General contractor for extending the service life, performing scheduled preventive repairs, and upgrading the equipment of the VVER NPP.

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