From 15 to 19 October in La Paz, Bolivia, representatives of "Rusatom Service" JSC conducted training of a number of heads of ministries and departments of Bolivia and representatives of the Bolivian Atomic Energy Agency (ABEN).

The materials and program of the course were developed by specialists of JSC "VNIIAES", who have wide experience in conducting such trainings and upgrade courses for employees of nuclear facilities not only in Russia but also around the world.

The training was conducted within the framework of the agreement of Rosatom State Corporation with the Plurinational state of Bolivia. Among the Bolivian trainees were those who are directly involved in the national energy program development, including the national Center of Nuclear Science and Technologies construction.

21 executive of the Bolivian nuclear energy programme have successfully completed the training and passed the exam on the course "Integrated management system (IMS) for the nuclear energy programme".

The course was focused on the issues of development of the integrated management system (IMS)for the nuclear sector in Bolivia, specifics of different approaches application to management systems in the newcomer countries, safety culture as a key issue in the IMS development, process development, performance results of the CNST that is being constructed and nuclear knowledge management.

Practical examples showed the importance of leadership for safety purposes, the necessity of choosing a strategy for the implementation of the nuclear energy program based on the principles set out in the IAEA safety standards and other relative publications and taking into account wide Russian experience.

The audience had a chance not only to listen to the lecture but also to participate in business games, discussions, solving cases, and in the framework of group classes they prepared plans for OSART missions (Operating Safety Analysis Review Team) and presented process maps – in a nutshell, the integration was successful!